No More Ignoring Hadoop After Intel's Cloudera Deal

By CIOReview | Monday, April 14, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Companies will not pay money to run Hadoop for storing, cleaning up,  and for analyzing data; however, neither can it be ignored as it is becoming more and more prevalent in IT stacks with financial services companies, health care providers, retailers, device managers and with software startups, reports Jordan Novet, VentureBeat.

With Intel investing a huge amount in Cloudera; and with acquisitions of companies that deal in Big Data and Hadoop like Platfora, ClearStory Data, Talend, Think Big Analytics and Paxata, Hadoop is becoming more visible. It has made remarkable advancement ever since the open-source Apache Hadoop project started in 2006.

Wall Street Journal reports that, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest depend entirely on Hadoop clusters. This will be a common scene in the future as Hadoop runs fine and expands easily on commodity servers and does not need expensive hardware too. It can manage unstructured data, without occupying space inside the data warehouse where different types of data connect.

When companies need to decrease their expenditure, they can turn to Hadoop. Companies use Hadoop in proof-of-concept work; however security is an issue which in turn is seen as an opportunity. Engineers are providing codes under open-source licenses to strengthen and support authorization, authentication, and auditing capabilities for Hadoop. They have even made it possible to operate multiple analysis tools with a single cluster of data center infrastructure.

As more companies are now signing up deals with Hadoop vendors like Pivotal, Hortonworks, MapR, and Cloudera, more revenue will become available for advanced Hadoop development.

Now, Hadoop can be the choice for data analysis in the booming Internet of things, and the recent Intel deal will for sure motivate other technology vendors to invest in or acquire Hadoop companies.