North Plains Launches Brand Asset Management Solution:On Brand 2.7

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 15, 2014

TORONTO, CA: North Plains Systems, a provider of Digital Asset Management software, has announced the availability of On Brand 2.7, North Plains’ out-of-the-box, brand asset management solution. The latest version further enhances the product’s rapid time to value by extending its user-friendly capabilities with a configurable, graphical dashboard that provides real-time updates on social media trends, tracking, asset ratings and usage statistics. On Brand also now includes language packs for French, German and Japanese.

“This newest release of On Brand is an exciting one for us. We have already seen keen adoption and high user satisfaction across the organization. The new user-customizable dashboard will really appeal to our users, allowing them to undertake much more of their day-to-day work from within the one screen, while also providing much more insight for me into how the application is being used. With this data I will be able to analyze and report the true value of our online asset management system to the business,” said Shin-Tsyi Yang, Brand Expression Manager, Corporate Strategy and Marketing Bupa, an international healthcare group.

On Brand 2.7 introduces significant new functionality designed to further improve user experience for sharing and downloading brand assets and guidelines. With the new user-configurable dashboard, users can tailor the On Brand interface to display information about current projects, campaigns and assets directly on their homepage. The dashboard can be populated from a list of supplied, configurable widgets that offer access to real-time information and can be easily rearranged on the page through a simple drag and drop. The dashboard is designed to allow custom widgets to be easily added as a configuration option. It is also possible to have multiple dashboards tailored to suit different roles within the application.

Additional new functionalities in On Brand 2.7 include; real-time social media tracking – Users can get an up-to-date view of what the community is saying about their brand. The first implementation of this within On Brand is provided in the form of a widget that presents a Twitter feed. This widget can be activated to track the company or brand’s Twitter account, or a campaign-related keyword; asset linking – Any asset in On Brand can now be linked to any other asset within the library, which allows a pair of assets to be referenced as a single entity, facilitating tasks from review to deployment and asset rating – Users of On Brand can now also rate assets through a 5-star rating system.

On Brand adds it to the cumulative total of all ratings and updates the displayed rating for all users. Ratings can be used to control the order of the assets returned during a search, ensuring the assets at the top of the list are more ‘relevant’ than ones lower down.

“The new capabilities in On Brand 2.7 empower marketers to better control and manage their brands. Marketers today have to be agile and efficient; these new functionalities make it even easier to view and utilize marketing assets in response to quickly changing market conditions and to be more effective in their marketing campaigns and programs,” said Kevin Tureski, VP of Product Development, North Plains.