Now Engage in Secure Financial Transaction with USAN's Metaphor

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ATLANTA, GA: USAN, an Omni-Channel Contact Center technology provider, headquartered in Georgia unveiled a new payment application for Contact Centers. The app known as Metaphor SecurePay, is a PCI-Complaint payment transaction platform which mitigates the risk and limit the PCI scope by shifting payment transactions outside the data center.

The customer executives at the contact centers are exposed to considerable risk if they handle payment information and when PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) scope is unnecessarily extended. Metaphor SecurePay provides an alternative approach to manage the financial transactions, ensuring enhancements in the customer service and reducing the risk . The multi-modal payment verification platform integrates payment processors to reduce PCI DSS scope, mitigate a contact center’s security threat, and minimize payment fraud.

Steve Herlocher, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products at USAN points out that being experts in compliance, their PCI team is well aware of the significant risk related to secure payments and mitigating fraud. With the help of the development team, USAN has developed the user friendly application to assist contact centers in handling financial transaction.

The Metaphor SecurePay app can be installed anywhere within an existing agent desktop application for easy access to submit a secure payment link to a customer. Agents will be notified about the transaction events in real time but the customer’s payment and personal details are encrypted and are transmitted securely without the agent having access to the information.  

The payment transaction platform’s multi-modal connection capability let’s call center agent to service a customer on the phone and send an SMS or email with a link to a site that manages the transfer of funds. With the help of payment gateway, data is transmitted directly and securely between the customer’s account, bank account and card providers leveraging standard encryption technologies.