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Now, Minimize Errors in Procurement through Vroozi's Purchase Express

By CIOReview | Monday, May 23, 2016

purchasing module, Purchase ExpressLOS ANGELES, CA: For years, procurement technologies focused on reducing costs, providing customer services and delivering goods and services to companies on time. Now, the challenge is to provide features that allow users to build shopping lists from any device, anywhere, and anytime. Vroozi, a provider of enterprise procurement software, has unveiled a new fast-track purchasing module, Purchase Express, which outfits both customers and suppliers with mobile procurement capabilities.

“Our philosophy is to create technology to handle the complexity and present to the users the simplest and most delightful shopping experience. The best part is customers find immediate cost saving as they could swap out expensive SRM and ERP licenses and deploy this SaaS option widely,” says Steve Olds, CEO, Vroozi.

With Purchase Express, users can create a shopping list from any device at any time using pre-configured products and services from contracted and approved suppliers. The lists can then be sent to Power Shoppers–the SRM and ERP people, “who know the process and the numbers”– without any accounting or other inputs.

As a result, every employee in an organization is empowered with the capability to make purchase requests, while complex tasks like accounting and shipping details are forwarded to Power Shoppers. This intuitive functionality of Purchase Express enables wide adoption of the solution and reduces user errors at the same time. Moreover, the module encourages participation from each employee to ensure that purchasing objectives including contract compliance, sustainability, diversity spend, and local sourcing are maintained throughout the procurement process.

“What we are doing at Vroozi is allowing users to launch Purchase Express with a company's marketplace on any device. Then, most users select the products and services they want, drop them in the cart, and let Power Shoppers do the hard part,” notes Michael Jud, Senior Director of Product Evangelist, Vroozi.