Now Redeem any Paper Coupon with Slyce 'Snap-to-Coupon'

By CIOReview | Friday, August 14, 2015

TORONTO, CA:  Visual search technology provider, Slyce introduced a new enterprise level product for retailers; Snap-to-Coupon. Slyce with its consumer app, SnipSnap has patented the process of turning a photo of a paper coupon into a mobile optimized offer. It offers this functionality to retailers in a fully white label experience that allows consumer to “Snap and Save” coupons to their app.

"One of the biggest challenges retailers face in mobile is giving customers a compelling reason to download their app," says Slyce CEO, Mark Elfenbein. "For consumers, coupon accessibility and utility is typically the #1 most requested features for retailer apps. Snap-to-Coupon provides retailers with a highly intuitive feature for their apps which can dramatically increase adoption and engagement.”

This technology helps retailers to link their customers to CRM list whenever they scan a single-use barcode. It enables consumers to snap photo of any coupon they see from the retailer advertisements like newspaper, catalog, or receipt, it instantly generate a mobile viable version which can be stored on the retailer’s app. The retailer can avail the push notification to remind customers to use the coupon. These reminders can be automatically activated based on pending expiration dates of coupons or when a customer is near a physical store.

"Coupon scanning drives customer registrations to an application," continues Elfenbein. "Filling out a registration form on a mobile device is tedious for a consumer where as snapping a photo of a coupon is all but frictionless."

Sending one-off offers made tracking coupon measurement a chore, adapting to this technology helps providing a responsible design that is printable on desktop and redeemable on mobile web, unlike other counterparts marketing to customers via mailing address.

This technology works on Coupon Author digital platform; it enables retailers to distribute the coupons on high scale, and helps consumers to easily find and save such offers. Retailers can now target special offers to customer segments by filtering their track record depending on their affinity to certain brands.