Numerous Launches New Services, Life's Important Numbers are now Up to Date and Easily Available

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 6, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: In order to make life hassle-free and more systematic, Numerous, a new service that follows life’s most important numbers has launched some new iOS and Android apps, seven new business channels, deep integration with IFTTT, and a new developer platform.

Numerous follows every important numbers of life and makes it available at a glance. It can be easily installed and after installation, users need to add numbers into separate dashboards and set up alarm/ notifications to be sent when an important number changes based on a threshold. For example, after the installation of Numerous in phone, one can set alarm like send a notification if it’s become more than a day since I tweeted, or send a message if my sugar level goes up by 120 mg/dL.

“With today’s launch, Numerous realizes our vision of an end-to-end system that connects people to the numbers that permeate their lives and puts those numbers to work. No more constantly switching between apps, signing into websites, digging through emails, or running reports just to be up to date. Numerous keeps all of those numbers up to date all in one place and makes them available at a glance with a well-designed experience,” says Charlie Wood, Co-founder of Numerous.

In addition to the new built apps, Numerous has also launched new business channels, where users can create hundreds of new business numbers from a range of new sources.  It has also integrated with IFTTT, a web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, which are triggered based on changes to other web services, like Gmail and Facebook, Through this integration, Numerous can generate messages and update numbers in the app from IFTTT events. John Scalo, Co-founder of Numerous states that the integration with IFTTT will allow people to put their numbers to work for them. “You can now check less because Numerous does the work for you,” he briefs.

Moreover, Numerous has also launched a new Developer Platform, which includes access to two REST APIs; the Metrics API and the Channels API. The first one allows to create and update numbers, while the second one enables developers to connect Numerous to new sources of data.