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ObserveIT Rolls Out Version 6.5, A Complete Insider Threat Management Solution with Monitoring, Detection and Prevention

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Boston based ObserveIT, the world’s leading insider threat management software has rolled out its latest, version 6.5, tightening the grip on threats arising from within an enterprise, be it employees or contractors.

For effective response against a threat, ObserveIT functions at the root level by enforcing security policies and preventing unauthorized activities. ObserveIT scrutinizes and scores individual user behavior identifying the users who put company data at risk. “ObserveIT’s new policy notification and enforcement capabilities dramatically reduce negligent behavior and prevent malicious activities” quotes Rich Malewicz, CIO of a local municipality availing ObserveIT software. This spares the workforce in an enterprise the time to focus on strategic initiatives, rather than rectifying the mistakes.

Version 6.5 of ObserveIT Insider Threat Management allows:
• Prevention of unauthorized and malicious activity with policy enforcement - cutting security incidents in half. 
• Informing employees with policy notifications - increasing security awareness across the enterprise.
• Increasing library of Behavioral Analytics - detecting thousands of known risky behaviors out-of-the-box.
• Initiating forensic recording for high-risk activity - reducing investigations to minutes instead of months.

Such functionalities of ObserveIT enable instant return-on-investment. Gabriel Friedlander, Co-Founder and CTO of ObserveIT remarked “The majority of security incidents stem from unintentional or negligent employee behavior”. He added “People often forget what they learn during employee on-boarding and training. Instead, ObserveIT provides just-in-time training by informing them of high-risk activities in real time and in the context of their actions, addressing the root cause of almost all security incidents.”

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