Olympus' Latest Solution Eases Automated Inspection Systems Integration

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Olympus, a nondestructive testing technologies firm, announces the release of a powerful phased array solution. The solution has been developed for easy integration with automated and semi-automated inspection systems.

FOCUS PX, the advanced solution released includes a powerful and scalable acquisition unit which encompasses FocusPC, a comprehensive data acquisition and analysis software program, and also two other software development kits, FocusControl and FocusData.

FOCUS PX, the new acquisition instrument incorporates phased array ultrasound technology which results in improved signal-to-noise ratio. In addition it enables for up to four units to be driven in parallel while providing minimized inspection time on complex-shaped geometries owing to its scalable architecture.

It is designed for integration with automated and semi-automated inspection systems in harsh production environments and is built as a rugged fan-less unit. The FOCUS PX has an IP-65 rated hardware design which also has convenient built-in mounting points designed for easy integration.

FocusPC 1.0 acquisition software as well as SDKs including FocusControl and FocusData facilitate development of application-specific interface programs to control the FOCUS PX. The SDKs enable the inspection process to be fully automated, optimizing cycle time, and improving overall system efficiency.

The latest solution is a phased array instrumentation solution developed to meet demands of manufacturers faced with the need to increase their inspection speed due to higher production levels. This particular challenge is highly relevant to the aerospace and defense, transportation, oil and gas, and metal fabrication industries.  Olympus with its new powerful phased array instrumentation solution has addressed the challenges faced by these manufacturers. The manufactures post adoption and implementation, now have access to a high-performance solution that can perform stringent inspections while minimizing cycle time in order to optimize production.