Ooyala's Global Video Index Highlights Growing Trend in Video Consumption with Customized Content

By CIOReview | Monday, June 29, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: Ooyala, a Telstra subsidiary, premium video platform and provide ad servicing solutions released their quarterly report- Global Video Index reflecting online video metrics. The report reveals mobile audiences matter most for video consumption and advertising growth and the viewership has increased to 42 percent online. The driving factors for online advertising viewing are the usage of smartphone more than tablets with increased penetration of internet at higher speeds. Compared to publishers and brands TV broadcasters comprises of more than half of all views on mobile devices and illustrate how more video advertising is also shifting from PCs to mobile gadgets.

The report analysis the impact and effects of personalized content recommendations resulting in growth of revenue and increase viewer engagement. It focuses on changing trends between premium content providers and advertisers. By highlighting the need to build content strategies, mobile become the best viewing option compared to any other alternatives. The advertisements viewership on tablets and smartphones have increased by 100 percent compared to last year and 367 percent compared to last two years.

TV broadcasters are claiming most benefits of the revenue tied to mobile viewing. When an advertisement is played for a broadcaster on a tablet the audience completes it by 89 percent, where as in mobile the content is finished in 79 percent. With fast growing mobile and tablet consumption, by the end of 2015 the viewing will make up to 50 percent online.

“Our data is indicative of the rapid pace of change in consumer viewing behavior, which creates new challenges and opportunities for content producers, service providers and advertisers,” says Jay Fulcher, chief executive officer of Ooyala. With use of Deal ID transactions and identifiers have allowed broadcasters and content premium publishers to direct their sales through programmatic trading.

Content providers are on the gaining side by providing personalized materials to the consumers supporting better audience engagement and scaling the profit rates. It is found that 50 percent of the consumers view recommended content. With increase in younger audience, content from broadcasters played more than 53 percent of the time on mobile devices compared to 47 percent PCs, signifying a major shift in distribution of video advertisements.