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Open Composable Networks by Mellanox Enables New Interconnect Speeds and Higher Efficiency

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 22, 2016

SUNNYDALE, CA: Mellanox Technologies, demonstrated its latest Open Composable Network (OCN) platform at the Open Computable Project (OCP) Summit. Mellanox is well-known for supplying end-to-end interconnected solutions for data center servers and storage systems and the firm showcased OCN with a live demo of end-to-end 10/25, 50, 100 Gbps network. The infrastructure used by the company composed of LinkX cables, the new ConnectX-4 Lx based OCP adapter cards, and the flagship Spectrum Ethernet switches competent of administer multiple network operating systems (NOS). The applications used to demonstrate OCN included Cumulus Linux, OpenSwitch, Metaswitch IP Routing, and Mellanox MLNX-OS, running on open software interfaces such as OCP Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) and Linux Switchdev.

"The OCP SAI is critical for meeting the industry’s demand for agile and efficient solutions. Demonstrating interoperability with Mellanox clearly establishes Metaswitch as being at the forefront of this shift to open networking.” said Jon Berger, Vice President of Software Engineering, Metaswitch Networks.

Open platforms and automation is the foundation of successful business that facilitates IT infrastructure customization to accomplish finest and supple application performance on demand. Additionally, individual enterprises networks enable to control and customize enterprise’s network infrastructure to support momentary cloud-native workload. “Mellanox OCN is a great example of a genuinely disruptive white box network architecture that embraces network disaggregation, functional abstraction, and automated resource orchestration as core design principles.” said Steve Saunders, CEO and Founder, Light Reading.

OCN provides liberation to build an infrastructure that fulfills application requirements with the help of abstraction interfaces. OCN platform delivers industry-standard APIs that are basis of resource abstraction and orchestration, allowing resource restructuring for business agility. Moreover, Mellanox has been a key contributor to the development of open networking initiatives including OCP ONIE and SAI, and Linux Switchdev. The patent NEO management package from Mellanox enhances the network operational efficiency, and makes network infrastructure easy to deploy, manage, and scale which further enables network automation and software defined intelligence.

“OpenSwitch lower overall ownership costs compared to traditional solutions. Running OpenSwitch as the open source network operating system for Mellanox’s new OCP platform opens the door for innovation and agility for IT designers and administrators.” said Mark Atwood, Community Director, OpenSwitch.