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Open Text RELEASE 16 Transforms Digital Information Procedures across Enterprises

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 21, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Open Text recently expanded its product line by adding Open Text RELEASE 16 into its suite of product. Based on the digital transformation demand, the company has developed its new product to offer customers an integrated digital transformative platform for interactions.

The developed enterprise information management (EIM) solutions of Open Text help customers to create a Digital-First World by completing the information needs for the enterprise. Digital transformation has been considered as the top priority for enterprises that brings the global acceptance on EIM solutions of Open Text. Its newly launched solution Open Text RELEASE 16 provide industries with a single platform including OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16 that improves production and interaction procedures in an industry.

Jessica Davis in an article published in InformationWeek reported that the newly released Open Text RELEASE 16 offers two separate platforms such as OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16. The first platform presents one single platform that offers four discrete suites such as Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Customer Experience Management, and Analytics. Users can get a set of integrated product with the authority to run it on-premises as a subscription in the OpenText Cloud or in a third-party cloud. Whereas, OpenText Cloud 16 comprises of five cloud-based offerings, with Business Network being the extra addition to the product suite for the OpenText Information Exchange. Users can subscribe the platform on both the OpenText Cloud and on third-party cloud platforms.

Open Text RELEASE 16 offers customers an all-in-one platform with the combination of hybrid cloud and open stack functionalities. It provides strengthens the business practices by improving customer engagement with their clients, employee and partners by offering a clear picture of customer data, with tracked records and product movements. With the extended platform of Open Text RELEASE 16 customer can increase their internal productivity by simplifying admin operations and enhancingsocial experience.