Organovo Collaborates With L'Oreal to Print Skin

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Soon human skins will roll off a printer as Organovo,  an US based medical laboratory and Research Company and L’Oreal Paris teams up to develop 3D printed skin tissues. Organovo designs and develops functional, three dimensional human tissue for medical research and therapeutic application.

L’Oreal has come with this idea for product testing due to a ban on the cosmetics tested on animals back in 2003 and growing skin in laboratory is a slow and complex procedure.

According to the inventorspot article, Organovo and L’Oreal have sought the services of bio-ink technology to speed up the skin-engineering process via 3D bio-printing. So, instead of waiting for skin to develop in laboratories, cosmetic companies can build models more quickly by printing them out.

The bio-ink technology or bioprinitng process centers around the identification of key architectural and compositional elements of a target tissue, and the creation of a design that can be utilized by a bioprinter to generate that tissue in the laboratory environment.

A syringe in the printer moves along the line of tissue, squeezing out a cell solution very slowly. Layers are then added to create the desired thickness.

“In the syringe format, it would be possible to create different skin types,” says Arnold Bos, a technology consultant at Lux Research.

He further adds, “Researchers have succeeded in printing human skin but commercial applications such as cosmetic testing are still about five years away, partly because scientists still need to overcome the challenge of using living cells during the printing process.”