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Orion Health Presents Amadeus; Deploys Precision Medicine to Simplify Health Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Orion Health, a population health management company, launches Amadeus-a platform that will enable highly personalized healthcare and the implementation of Precision Medicine. With this release, Orion Health looks forward to expand the current health management offering to embrace the latest achievements in the healthcare.

“The precision medicine is going to revolutionize decision support for clinicians. Clinicians will get the insights they need to help them make accurate diagnoses and provide the optimal treatment. And patients will increasingly have the information they need to be active participants in their own healthcare,” asserts Ian McCrae, CEO, Orion Health.

Amadeus is designed using latest technology for Precision Medicine to accommodate huge data file types that provides clinicians and other users with the cognitive support while making best decisions possible. It also scales to aggregate and manage different types of health data.

The open data platform enhances the data integration experience of Orion Health along with the scalability and performance of modern technologies. Some of the technologies used by Amadeus are Cassandra, Spark and ElasticSearch, and a distributed architecture to handle massive volumes of high velocity data.

It consists of predictive modeling to identify the patients at risk in a population to drive rapid decision-making, and utilizes automation to make prediction on its immense data. With the help of APIs, Orion Health Amadeus provides access to its data for Orion Health or third party applications. Amadeus also provides advanced privacy and security features as well as granular access to data elements based on user roles and the sensitivity of the data.

"Current models of population health focus on identifying gaps in care and proactively driving preventive care and early interventions. This represents a tremendous advance in care, but evidence-based preventive measures only address a small percentage of overall illness,” says Gary Folker, EVP for Orion Health.