Orion Health's SoftwarePoses Ability to Store 102 million Patient Health Records

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 9, 2016
Ian McCrae, CEO, Orion Health

Ian McCrae, CEO, Orion Health

FREMONT, CA: Orion Health’s newly realesed software significantly manages 102 million health records of patients worldwide. The company is best known for its integrated modern healthcare software offerings and its recently launched software will streamline delivery of electronic healthcare information for making better health and wellness outcomes.

On the other hand healthcare technology companies can utilize the software as an important metric for delivering their healthcare solutions across the global market.“Surpassing 100 million patient health records is a significant milestone. The more records that are managed by Orion Health software, the easier it is to provide additional functionality at the point of care as we enhance our world-leading solutions,” says Ian McCrae, CEO, Orion Health.

Orion Health aims to enhance value of each patient’s health record that has been managed through its software. McCrar adds that from the capture and integration of patient health records, to the ability for clinicians and their patients to view and interact with that information in real time, the average revenue per patient record rises with each additional solution. This developed software will help Orion Health in better engagement of  new customers, as well as existing customers. It supplies an end-to-end population health management solution along with continuous data integration and visualization.

Orion Health delivers solutions especially for healthcare providers, private health insurance, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical retailers, and population health management. It offers clinicians to manage clinical workflow and enables them to take necessary actions to achieve optimal patient outcomes including enrollment in care plans and highly configurable pathways.  In population health management the patient engagement is most critical step, but Orion Health’s portal and mobile applications has been designed to extend patient’s participation. 

“The number of patient records managed by our software continues to grow as we acquire new customers globally. In this year alone we have announced eight significant customer contracts in the UK, France, Australia, U.S. and Canada, with five of those agreements being with new healthcare providers and insurers,” asserts Ian.