OSRAM CLM Certified to Deal with Daintree Networks' ControlScope Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 21, 2016

LOS ALTOS, CA: Daintree Networks has teamed up with OSRAM SYLVANIA to deliver customers a developed wireless controlled LED fixtures. Daintree Networks is known as a provider of smart building control, sensing, and Enterprise Internet of Things (E-IoT) applications. The recently formed alignment has licensed OSRAM Connected Lighting Module (CLM) to deal with Daintree Networks' ControlScope, a complete open networked wireless control solution of Daintree Networks. Additionally, it streamlines the availability of open standards-based controllable luminaries including Enterprise Internet of Things.

OSRAM Connected Lighting Module has the capability to fit into any fixture including the efficiency to provide 12V auxiliary output which makes it a smart platform that can be controlled wirelessly.  Fixtures can be connected with multiple wireless systems and its building control systems are certified to the ZigBee Home Automation standard. Daintree Networks' ControlScope offers customers to enhance the level of their smart building deployments through open networked wireless control with light sensing, HVAC, plug load, and space utilization applications. Its unique design fulfils the necessity of smart buildings by delivering unified network solutions that can detect and balance a multitude of energy and non-energy-related applications.

OSRAM SYLVANIA offers innovative lighting solutions and services including a combined platform of elegant design and energy saving technology. Its Connected Lighting Module can be installed into a standard ½” knockout present virtually in every LED fixture .The OSRAM CLM has the ability to operate and control LED fixtures light levels within 12V DC power.  It is compatible with OSRAM’s OPTOTRONIC Linear Programmable LED Drivers that delivers mandatory power and reduces the requirements for holding additional power packs.  

“Industry leaders have realized it is critical to support open systems to monitor and control lighting and other applications in the enterprise and the shift is underway. Daintree has built the leading open networked wireless controls ecosystem in the intelligent building industry and our partnership with OSRAM is one example of a growing number of major organizations working together in the best interests of the customer", says Danny Yu, President, Daintree Networks.