Over 150 New Technologies Added to 2016's Live Big Data Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WARREN, NJ: Earlier this week, the data and analytics firm, Knowledgent announced the release of the 2016 online Big Data Ecosystem. This web-based reference architecture enables data and analytics professionals to learn about today’s big data vendor landscape and other big data oriented offerings available, for the smooth working of their business.

The emergence of new big data tools, large datasets, and platforms are driving the enterprises away from relying on traditional methods of managing and analyzing high-volume data. However, although the new trends are creating a wave of high-performance in the market, it is also instilling confusion when the new vendors try to replace the existing successful vendors. The Knowledgent’s Big Data Ecosystem reduces the confusion to a great extent with continuous analysis and categorization of vendors and their products. This comprehensive reference architecture helps the professionals to make the right choice from the best options available.

“We’ve seen a significant jump in interest in the Big Data Ecosystem over the past couple of years, as more organizations look to move their big data initiatives from Proof-of-Concept to production,” said Peter Gibson, Executive Partner of Knowledgent. “The Big Data Ecosystem has exploded this year, with over 150 new technologies included for 2016.”

The categorized view of both new and established vendors provides an easy-to-understand environment in the Big Data Ecosystem. The new version of Big Data Ecosystem is formed on the basis of recent changes in the big data landscape with new releases, products and acquisitions/mergers. The architecture allows an in depth view about the abilities and technology to compare and make the right choice.