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Panzura's State of CAD Collaboration Survey Discloses Challenges Faced by Manufacturing Professionals

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

CAMPBELL, CA: Panzura, the provider of enterprise infrastructure technology  announced the result of its "State of Manufacturing Cross Site-CAD Collaboration" survey conducted at SOLIDWORKS World 2016. The survey aims to gather information on the challenges faced by manufacturing professionals when managing the Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and design applications across sites. "Cloud technology today has the capability to eliminate these concerns, streamline file sharing and ensures efficient collaboration across offices,” says Barry Phillips, Chief Marketing Officer, Panzura.

Many manufacturing professionals participated in the SOLIDWORKS World 2016, with a significant portion participating in the "State of Manufacturing Cross-Site CAD Collaboration" survey. The survey unveiled the number of challenges faced by  organizations while collaborating across with CAD applications. The problems listed while collaborating across multiple offices using CAD/CAM applications include, slow updation of files, accidental usage of incorrect product part and lose of critical product data resulting in redoing of work.

The survey points out that 50 percent of the respondents are collaborating across multiple offices using CAD/CAM applications. These organizations, with less than 100 design employees don’t often collaborate across sites within CAD/CAM applications. The survey says that 36 percent of respondents experienced multiple copies of the same file. Whereas, about 34 percent of the respondents are unable to determine a newly created file or version and 33 percent found it difficult to access files location. The standard libraries became an impediment to 22 percent and 17 percent listed maintenance of security and server access rights as an issue.

The results of the survey says that the current industry solutions are able to manage product data but impotent to deal with the poor performance of replicating files over a WAN. It becomes vital for designers and engineers to attain real-time access of shared project files from anywhere across the globe to ensure smooth functionality of CAD and CAM applications within a single office as well as multiple sites.

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