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Paragon Software Group's New Technology File System to Enable Fast Capturing of Computer Forensic Data

By CIOReview | Friday, November 13, 2015

FREMONT, CA: To enable computer forensic investigators to capture data at exceptionally high speeds from multiple media sources and interfaces in a very short period of time, MediaClone – a manufacturer of computer forensic products, announces the use of Paragon Software Group’s New Technology File System (NTFS) for Linux 9.0 Professional solution across its SuperImager Plus product lines.

SuperImager Plus combines Forensic Imaging application and investigation platforms to perform a series of activities including cellphone or Tablets Data Extraction and Analysis, full computer forensic analysis, and Forensic triage data collections.

Designed with extremely fast forensic imaging capabilities, the platform units perform fast forensic imaging from multiple sources to multiple destinations in parallel operations. Units have the ability to erase data from hard disk drives and storage devices, restore forensic images back to original drives, calculate hash authentication and verification, and perform full encryption. All the units are compact and are built to be mobile, easy to carry solutions.

The SuperImager Plus line of products come with touchscreen displays and easy-to-use applications that are designed with simple, self-easy-to-use applications and self -explanatory icons. All models come with SATA, USB3.0 ports, 1GbE, and some models come with additional SAS ports.

With the implementation of Paragon Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology, MediaClone can deliver high-performance read/write access to NTFS-formatted storage for SuperImager Plus Computer Forensic Field Imaging and Complete Mobile Forensic platforms. By providing rapid, transparent and full read/write access to non-native file systems under Linux, Android, QNX and other platforms, the Paragon NTFS HFS for Linux 9.0 Professional solution fully protects stored data, while delivering high performance with no limits on file or volume size.

“We approached Paragon for a solution to this challenge, and their technology and support teams have worked closely with us to deliver a custom-tailored, NTFS-optimized driver that is allowing us to exceed customer expectations. We’ve found the Paragon NTFS for Linux driver to be superior over competing alternatives, offering extremely fast read/write capabilities at a price point we simply couldn’t find anywhere else. The end results have been impressive, with the drivers allowing us to accelerate data writing to the NTFS-formatted drives by almost 50percent,” says Ezra Kohavi, CEO, MediaClone.