PATHION Leverages Spider9's Expertise in The ESS Field

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 11, 2015

LOS GATOS, NY- PATHION, a company which delivers its next-generation line of energetic materials, components and fire-resistant materials for its batteries has closed an exclusive asset purchase and licensing agreement with Spider9. The agreement allows PATHION to leverage all of Spider9’s intellectual property, licenses and products, including their primary Energy Storage Systems(ESS) as well as their highly useful software.

As part of using this agreement, PATHION has already initiated to manufacture, market and sell Spider9’s highly efficient, safe and reliable ESS solution under the name PATHION Power. It aims at providing uninterrupted support to Spider9’s current customer base and expanding its market at the same time to a wider set of markets. This product features an integrated Lithium-ion battery ESS with sophisticated internal control to optimize cell life and safety aspects. Also, the external side of the system supports advanced functionality needed to manage micro-grids and hybrid renewable-grid configurations. The point where the system interfaces the grid is where both cost reduction from energy arbitrage and revenue generation can be enabled.

The most remarkable fact is the addition of Spider9’s Operating System for Energy (OSE); the modular software and energy storage platforms to PATHION’s applied materials and battery line of products which would provide customers with more efficient set of solutions. 

 “PATHION’s acquisition of Spider9 products enables a much wider set of customers to use our high performance systems that incorporate our proprietary cell management technology,” said Dave Park, Spider9’s Chief Operating Officer and now PATHION’s VP of Systems Engineering.