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Paypal adds Boost to Zaptitude's Referral Marketing Platform - Good Influence

By CIOReview | Friday, October 2, 2015

MORRISTOWN, NJ: Zaptitude, known for its referral marketing technology in suite of integrating Paypal as payment gateway for its cloud based customer referral platform, Good Influence.Since this is a follow up to the its prior integration with Marketo marketing automation platform, the new initiative enables Zaptitude to capitalize on users active on PayPal by stimulating them to share and recommend the products they just bought.

Zaptitude CEO Dan Lynn says, “We’re actively partnering with leading technology companies like PayPal, Marketo, and many others: to allow marketers to launch referral programs that are integrated with their existing marketing automation, sales automation, content management, and e-commerce platforms.”

 All the businesses have to do on PayPal Payment Data Transfer (PDT) is to install a code snippet on post-transaction pages. The code then by itself starts accumulating PayPal transaction IDs and adds them to Good Influence reports from where retailers can track and measure the success of their corresponding referral programs. This includes the customer’s name and by adding a small script they can also get the total transaction.

Lynn believes in the capabilities of the referral systems and says, “Customer referrals work. They’re a proven way to grow your business. You just have to be willing to ask. We’ve developed a technology that enables companies of all sizes to easily launch scalable customer referral programs that can drive significant incremental revenue.”

The creation of Good Influence relies on the positive influence of the existing users which needs to be subjected to bringing in more customers. This patent pending technology combines all traditional, digital and social media for giving business tools successful referrals and corresponding conversions.