PC-BSD OS's New Version Offers Advance Features

By CIOReview | Friday, September 4, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: The PC-BSD, a user friendly operating system (OS) development team has announced the availability of PC-BSD version 10.2. that serves as fast, efficient and stable desktop OS.

PC-BSD is a trademarked Unix like OS built on FreeBSD a direct derivation of Berkley Software Distribution (BSD) OS and a open source architecture. The version 10.2 is based on FreeBSD 10.2 and accommodates new features like improvements to Life Preserver replication, CD-sized network installation medium, Disk Manager, Wi-Fi configuration through enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) and advanced plugin system, allowing download of pre-built jail environments- a partitioned and virtual OS environment.

In addition it offers a new enterprise package repository with security updates to run a server with consistent package versions. Further it equips enhanced fonts, bug fixes, installer for dual-boot setups, localization manager and options to enable or disable solid state hard drives setups. Now it also supports 4K monitor setups, Firefox 40.0, Chromium 44.0, Thunderbird 38.1, Lumina and GNOME.

"I would highly recommend PC-BSD 10.2 to users everywhere who want a secure and easy to use open source experience. It has an excellent single control panel, includes tools to protect your privacy, and best of all it doesn't spy on you,” says Joe Maloney, Volunteer Developer for PC-BSD.

Users currently running 10.1 can now update their system to 10.2 via the updater GUI or “pc-updatemanager” utility.