PCTEL's SkyCompass Trooper Multiband Antennas Supports 4G LTE

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 19, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV: PCTEL, the provider of Performance Critical Telecom solutions launches SkyCompass Trooper multiband antennas to the wireless industry. The SkyCompass Trooper delivers enhanced RF (Radio Frequency) performance for voice, data, and asset tracking applications in an ultra-compact footprint. PCTEL’s RF solutions include performance critical test equipment, software, and engineering services for wireless networks.

The company’s Performance Critical antenna solutions are able to transit, in-building, and small cell applications. The antenna’s encompasses high rejection and high performance GPS and GNSS products, Yagi portfolio, mobile and indoor LTE, broadband, and LMR antennas and PIM-rated antennas. “Our product was selected based on its superior performance and reliability in a smaller footprint,” says Rishi Bharadwaj, VP, PCTEL's Connected Solutions.

The SkyCompass Trooper antennas offer an optimal 4G LTE and dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi coverage in a single, low profile housing. The antenna contains the compact footprint which makes it ideal for installation on the ridged rooftops of the new public safety sports utility vehicles. The antenna features 3/4-inch metal stud mount with slotted jam nut which provides single cable exit for easier installation or for antenna replacement.  The SkyCompass Trooper moreover proffers UV resistant black or white housing options complementing most vehicular aesthetic requirements. Additionally, the antenna is integrated with PCTEL’s SkyLink high rejection GPS/GLONASS technology for optimal performance and support of carrier voice and data networks.