Peach Payments' Smart Payments Platform can now be used for Multiple Integrations

By CIOReview | Monday, March 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: As digital payment makes its way into the mainstream, it becomes important for companies to adopt new approaches for payment transactions. Catching up with this trend, Peach Payments has announced the launch of its Smart Payments Platform, which is a new API that integrates the functions of two separate ones.

Peach payments, a provider of payment solutions to online and mobile businesses in its new platform combines the API for front-end widget for checkout side integration, and server-to server API for back-office integration, notes Eric Carter, for Programmable Web. This can be used for browser, mobile as well as server integrations.

The Copy and Pay guide prescribes three steps for the checkout side integration. The first one  is preparing the checkout followed by creating payment page by adding two lines to the HTML page. The final step in the process which results in getting the payment status involves sending a server-to-server GET request against the checkout's ID, and then, the customer will be directed to the page acknowledging the payment or redirected to the error page.

 In case of back-office integration, server-to-server requests on the smart payments platform are sent to the core unified REST API. It allows users to perform different types of Initial Payments such as Preauthorization (PA) and Debit (D) as well as Tokenization and Registration. Tokens can be created by storing data in the stand-alone form or by doing the same during payment; once created, they can be used be used for recurring and one-click payments.

“Now we offer a unified API so developers don’t have to work with two APIs to get the full benefits of our platform and services. The unified REST API enables developers to do both the front-end/checkout page integration and the back-office operations,” says Rahul Jain, Co-founder, Peach Payments.