Pivot3's Hyper-Converged Solution to Assist Firms in Managing Data Streams

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 3, 2016

FREMONT, CA: As the IT firms proliferate they are continuously exposed to greater challenges. One of the challenges that companies are facing these days is to manage the growth of data especially in healthcare and video surveillance firms.  This issue is addressed by Pivot3, a company that offers hyper-converged infrastructure, which helps in capturing, storing and protecting data generated by the firm.

Brandon Reich, Senior Director of Surveillance Solutions at Pivot3 reports for Dell Power More that by 2017, industry will produce about 850 petabytes of data per day. Hence, there will be a huge demand for hyper-convergence technology which comprises a hypervisor, server, storage and software defined solutions that assist with managing of data. The ability to scale storage, compute and flexibility to add additional nodes are the unique features of the solution.

The hyper converged appliance offers operational agility to deploy resources more quickly. It enables companies to simplify the way they provide IT services by allocating storage and computing together, and also extending its assistance in managing workloads in fields such as law enforcement and education, especially when they need video feeds to keep schools secure.

Video surveillance industry and its data stream

Brandon says companies in Video surveillance industry face lot of difficulties to process data streams from many cameras. He adds when there is multiple application servers together storing video from multiple cameras, it’s hard to make out from where the data comes from and from which camera the data is generated. So having a single platform for storage that can be shared across all the application servers will be of great use. 

Future Ready Balance

Brian T. Horowitz, Editor and contributing writer notes in the blog, “The key to being a future ready organization is embracing a strategy of flexibility and choice to improve business outcomes. Companies such as Dell provide this end-to-end flexibility with hyper-converged solutions”.

Schools are benefited by leveraging future ready balance offered by hyper-converged solutions.  They can now deploy modern high-end video surveillance technology in order to centralize the data and share across multiple facilities and share among law enforcement and first responders. Pivot3 and Overlake Hospital Medical Center utilize Dell PowerEdge FX Architecture that can bring flexibility in future-ready. It also helps organizations match the requirements of their applications to the systems they build.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) appliance provided by Pivot3 is built on Dell’s PowerEdge R730xd server, in partnership with Dell OEM Solutions. The HCI appliance, which features the company’s vSTAC OS, turns the R730xd into a software-defined virtual storage area network (SAN).