PlanSource's Kepler Product Release Creates a Better Benefits Experience

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

ORLANDO, FL: With innovative features and enhancements to give consumers and employers a simpler, more efficient and more enjoyable benefits experience, the health exchange and benefits engagement platform provider PlanSource, launched its new product, dubbed Kepler. With a variety of features including employers preview reports to the IRS in the Kepler release, PlanSource enables employers to better comply with reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Offering a streamlined consumer experience and to save administrative time and resources, it also offers another enhancement that allows employees to download IRS form 1095-C instead of requiring employers to print the forms out, pack, and mail them to each employee. "Like the Kepler satellite is giving us a greater understanding of the universe, the Kepler release is giving employers a greater understanding of how to administer their benefits," said Jamie P. Walker, Vice President of Product and Consumer Engagement at PlanSource.

PlanSource has made consumer education a top priority in the Kepler release, considering that insurance and benefits in general are among a family's greatest expenses. Including a fully redesigned and expanded library of videos with the package that explain commonly used industry terms in easily understandable language, it helps consumers make informed choices and understand the importance of voluntary benefits. Integrated into the software, the short, animated video can be personalized depending on a user’s demographics, stage in life, family status and several other factors.

Based out of Orlando, US, PlanSource provides the industry's most flexible and extensible health exchange and benefits engagement platform in the cloud. More than 8,000 employers and 3.5 million consumers use the PlanSource Platform to avail benefits such as shopping, enrollment, billing and ongoing administration.