Plataine To Achieve Operational Excellence In Honeycomb Cutting, Brings Honeycomboptimizer
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Plataine To Achieve Operational Excellence In Honeycomb Cutting, Brings Honeycomboptimizer

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 4, 2022

Plataine’s HoneyCombOptimizer standardizes and automates processes to achieve operational excellence and minimize errors, shortening order-to-delivery time and improving material use.

FREMONT, CA: "We are delighted to add new optimization capabilities to improve material utilization for honeycomb cutting operations," states Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO at Plataine. Plataine, a leading provider of AI-based manufacturing optimization solutions, has released HoneycombOptimizer, a component of Plataine's integrated Total Production Optimization (TPO) suite developed to handle the unique problems of 3-axis honeycomb cutting processes. HoneycombOptimizer offers a dynamic and highly efficient nesting algorithm, leading to high material usage, higher throughput, greater quality control, and a rapid and quantifiable return on investment. The solution allows for the flexible and simple processing of work orders and the automatic generation of ideal cut plans, resulting in up to a 10 percent reduction in material usage.

“This breakthrough technology helps customers meet increased production rates and cost pressures while enabling production flexibility in the face of supply chain and workforce challenges. I am confident that this latest addition to Plataine’s TPO suite will shorten order-to-delivery and as a result improve our customers’ business,” adds Avner.

HoneycombOptimizer automatically considers two-sided cutting for laminated honeycomb (sheet flipping during the cutting process) and streamlines inventory management, including using leftovers, while minimizing machine set-up and tool-changing times. The software from Plataine provides complete visibility into the total performance of the manufacturing floor, eliminates errors, and drives process standardization to achieve operational excellence.

HoneycombOptimizer improves production material use while preserving straightforward kitting. Each kit is layered independently, and the next kit begins immediately after the previous one concludes, providing an efficient residual approach. A sophisticated learning algorithm runs each kit multiple times to ensure a speedy execution time.

Plataine's solution offers straightforward part import and standard integration with CAD and ERP systems to consider all aspects and eliminate human error. This comprehensive approach evaluates all elements in real-time; HoneycombOptimizer selects best which orders will be handled, when, and by which machine, and which material will be cut.