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PLUMgrid Releases Advanced ONS 5.0: Streamlining SDN Services to OpenStack

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The ONS is based on a fully distributed architecture that is built for driving scalability and enables data centers with virtual machines, containers, and bare metal architectures to leverage SDN overlays to provide secure micro-segmentation for multi-tenancy, traffic isolation, and policy enforcement. It can deliver terabits of scale out performance by leveraging hardware offload capabilities within industry standard x86 servers and Network Interface Cards (NICs).

With fully distributed data planes running IO Visor in-kernel, ONS enables dynamic virtual networking functions, service function chaining, scale-out forwarding, and real-time analytics. It features SDN support for Docker containers, expanded gateway SANTA CLARA, CA: PLUMgrid which specializes in Virtual Network Infrastructure (VNI) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) has announced the latest version of its Open Networking Suite (ONS) 5.0 as a support to OpenStacks new releases: Kilo and Liberty. The ONS provides a holistic VNI for Cloud. It addresses the customer requirements associated with security, scalability, performance, multi-tenancy and automation.integration with Cisco Nexus 9000, IPv6, PLUMgrid SmartLogs and many new enhancements. It adds support to OpenStack’s Project Kuryr, an initiative that provides container network abstraction for Neutron API. ONS and Project Kuryr combine to allow OpenStack cloud builders to deploy containers, virtual machines, and bare metal architectures in virtual domains.

“Cloud networking is adding virtualized network functions and applications at an accelerated rate and ONS is keeping pace with an aggressive iteration cycle,” says Pere Monclus, Founder and CTO, PLUMgrid. “Adding support for Docker containers provides SDN services that are essential to secure multi-tenant networking. In this complex environment it is critical for data center operations to have a tool such as CloudApex that provides a simplified view of both physical and virtual resources in OpenStack clouds.”

Other significant offerings of the ONS 5.0 includes the expanded integration with gateways, concurrent IP4 and IP6, smartlogs and toolbox wizards and CloupdApex visualization and monitoring.