PLUMgrid's 5.0 Release vaunts Containers & CloudApex

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

FREMONT, CA: PLUMgrid, a Software-defined networking (SDN) startup, has released company’s OpenStack Open Networking Suite version 5.0, software that features its CloudApex network visualization platform. In addition, ONS 5.0 supports Docker containers and OpenStack releases Kilo and Liberty.

ONS 5.0 with CloudApex has a modified drag-and-drop configuration along with analytics and tools to troubleshoot problems, tells PLUMgrid. Dan Conde, an analyst with Enterprise Strategies Group, says the CloudApex platform is a key because it allows customers to visualize how things operate and also search across different services. “It’s a sophisticated UI [user interface],” he says.

PLUMgrid, at first, made the CloudApex platform available in September ‘15. The UI provides real-time status updates inOpenStack and works with ONS to monitor selective third-party virtual and physical assets across OpenStack, hypervisors, and servers.

On the container side, to connect Docker containers, the company has placed a plug-in to a PLUMgrid network. The company has added support for Kuryr, an OpenStack project intending to link container networking to OpenStack Neutron in ONS 5.0, specifically.

PLUMgrid also boasts the fact that ONS 5.0, when used in multitenant data centers, will allow Microsegmentation for OpenStack clouds using private virtual domains which impose network policies for traffic separation and control. According to Conde, Microsegmentation is vital because it creates differentiate virtual domains and keeps customers from attending each other’s traffic while sharing data centers.

In addition, ONS 5.0 will be enabling data centers with containers and bare metal architectures to utilise SDN overlays for traffic isolation.

Powering more than 70 OpenStack clouds, PLUMgrid’s customers include NTT, AT&T, SoftBank, and Swisscom. The startup, which launched in 2012, is funded by firms such as U.S. Venture Partners, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Swisscom Ventures, and Longworth Venture Partners.

Earlier this year, Rackspace had announced that it would resell PLUMgrid’s SDN for its Rackspace private cloud.