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PlumSlice's Magento Connect: A Good Turn to Platform Based e-Commerce

By CIOReview | Friday, February 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: PlumSlice has recently introduced Magento extension into its service domain to manage product data and send updates to the specified Magento eCommerce site/store. Headquartered in San Francisco, PlumSlice Labs is an enterprise technology solutions and services company that specializes in innovative enterprise software-as-service products in support of collaborative global commerce.

PlumSlice Product Information Management (PIM) API extension for Magento will provide seamless and automated Catalog (Products, Digital Assets, Hierarchies, and Attributes) management using the PlumSlice PIM application, within the PlumSlice Collaboration Suite. The auto-synching process enables customers to manage comprehensive product data in PIM which then automatically addresses the Magento e-commerce site/store with appropriate information to optimize the customer experience.

"We are always excited to work with companies like Magento to help advance the omnichannel experience for their customers by providing seamless access to vital product information at all times," said Abnesh Raina, PlumSlice Labs CEO and founder. "Our new PIM+ extension for the Magento eCommerce platforms reduces product catalog errors and omissions, improves product time to market, and provides real-time access to any product issues or updates, greatly enhancing the opportunity to increase the bottom line for most retailers."

PlumSlice Labs  optimize the digital commerce ecosystem possible through enhanced product data management including: product research and conceptualization, product development and selection, vendor collaboration and product information and digital asset management - by uniting all the players in product data management including multiple internal stakeholders and external partners as a single highly productive team.

All PlumSlice SAAS applications leverage best-in-class automation, workflow management and collaboration techniques as well as purpose-designed internal architecture for added economies and value. The current and in-development SAAS offerings by the company include, product lifecycle and information management, global commerce, and supply chain management. Solutions developed by using the nimble software engineering practices and cloud computing, enable organizations to build competitive advantage by adopting industry best practices and accelerated implementations.

Being well versed with the cloud functionalities, PlumSlice supports the way people work and communicate today — on mobile devices, socially, as well as globally.