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PriceAdvantage's New VersionIntegrates withFiscal TravStar1 POS system

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: PriceAdvantage, a division of Skyline Products and developer of software for fuel marketers to execute their unique fuel pricing strategy by reducing manual processes and human errors has come up with the latest version of its PriceAdvantage that integrates with theFiscal TravStar1 point-of-sale (POS) system.

The latest version allows marketers operating convenience stores, trucks stops, and unattended card lock locationsto get apt information on the new fuel prices enabling them to post it immediately without further delay. The retailers that make use of multiple POS systems are still more benefitted as this version offers complete fuel pricing synchronization among disparate systems.

The software helps customers by giving them an exact idea on the rapid, informed fuel pricing decisions based on their unique business rules, which in turn enables them to automatically post new prices to their POS systems, fuel pumps and price signs, and then receive price change confirmation in just minutes – even from a mobile device. PriceAdvantage provides numerous pre-built integrations with back office and POS solutions, allowing customers to be up-and-running in just weeks.

“The Fiscal POS system is a strategic addition to our list of validated, pre-built integrations,” says Chip Stadjuhar, CEO,Skyline Products. “As with most of our product enhancements, this integration was requested and guided by our customers. This solves a very critical business problem for our retailers who operate multiple POS systems across their business, especially truck stops that must synchronize pricing between commercial and passenger pumps and price signs.”