Pro General Streamlines its Property and Casualty Insurance Offerings with 4Sight' Solutions
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Pro General Streamlines its Property and Casualty Insurance Offerings with 4Sight' Solutions

By CIOReview | Friday, September 30, 2016

AUSTIN, TX: 4Sight Business Intelligence, a provider of property & casualty specific business intelligence products, announced that it has been selected by Pro General Insurance Company for Property and Casualty insurance.

Pro General is looking forward to leverage 4Sight’s impressive reporting capabilities, data layouts among others to build advanced analytics. Its business intelligence solution is flexible and agile making way for quick maneuvers according to business requirements.

With nearly 100 preconfigured reports and dashboards, 4Sight for Property and Casualty provides an affable solution that comprises of hundreds of analytics. Ease-of-use is achieved via the ‘what-if’ question and answer passages for underwriting, claims, billing, management and reinsurance. The company’s solution enables carriers to allow users to view reports in least possible time. 4Sight’s solution supports platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux, s/Z, iSeries and more. The database are offered in a wide variety in the form of SQL, Oracle, DB2, Image and others.

The company was able to build a single source for all their reporting needs in a timely manner. This was achieved through 4Sight’s ability to bridge Pro General’s multiple systems into one source. The company believes, without 4Sight, it would have been a time consuming and an expensive venture to achieve the integration.

"4Sight's ad-hoc reporting capabilities and predefined data layouts, plus all of the other out-of-the box capabilities around reports and dashboards will allow us to have the tools that we need to have advanced analytical reporting with detail drill downs," says John Crispi, President of Pro General.  "4Sight Business Intelligence for P&C is a state of the art business intelligence solution that can be expanded with little effort and in a lot less time than we would have taken to do it."