PureMalt Selects Epicor Tropos ERP Solution for Seamless Manufacturing Processes

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 3, 2016

LONDON, UK: Epicor Software Corporation, a global business software solutions provider, announced that PureMalt has chosen ‘Epicor® Tropos® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)’ solution to streamline their manufacturing processes and drive better transparency of business data in processes.

PureMalt is acknowledged for developing a range of refined malt extracts which is widely used in a number of food and beverage products such as beer, sauces and conserves, and baked goods. PureMalt evolved from traditional flour milling and malting processes into specialized production of refined malt extracts which are exported over 60 countries worldwide.

After transforming into a new business process, PureMalt needed an ERP solution to reorganize its operational and manufacturing processes. Before implementing Tropos, PureMalt used primitive software applications for manufacturing processes, including Access database platforms and Excel spreadsheets, and many of their operations involved manual paper work.

“We had grown to a size that we saw as a critical mass for future growth, but we didn’t have a major supporting system in place for the business.  We needed an ERP system that could provide us with accurate real-time business data because we wanted to have better visibility of the business performance as well as streamline and improve different processes”, said Ross Turner, Business Systems Manager at PureMalt.

“What set Tropos apart was the fact that it is a software platform that is clearly born out of a production and manufacturing focus, whereas some of its competitors’ products seem to have grown out of a finance-focused package. The manufacturing focus is necessary to support the growth of our business and how we compete with our counterparts,” Turner added.

Tropos has been implemented to transform business processes including sales order entry and processing. For example, when a new order is placed, the details will be available across all departments from the shop floor to the managing director’s office. The software will also be used for stock management, production and manufacturing, purchasing and quality control to ensure that operational processes are more streamlined.

Stuart Hall, sales director for Epicor Software in the UK and Ireland, said, “With Epicor Tropos, we are able to help PureMalt see its business data in one place. This will enable the PureMalt team to understand exactly what’s happening within the business at any given time. This data visibility will allow the company to be able to make better business decisions, be more flexible and allow them to plan for future growth.”