QLogic Automates Network and Storage Management for Real-time Visibility into Virtual Machines

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 6, 2015

FREMONT, CA: QLogic, a provider of server and storage networking solutions,announces QConvergeConsole (QCC) plug-in for VMware's vCenter Server and vSphere Web Client to automate the visibility and management of storage and network components in the data. The plug-in will also be an enhanced support for the company’s 10 Gigabyte (GB) Ethernet FastLinQ.

The QCC plug-in provides real-time view of storage and network connectivity for each VM. For dynamic bandwidth allocation and granular Quality of Service (QoS) assignment per virtual, the plug-in creates and manages virtual partitions (NPAR) and supports protocols per 10GB Ethernet port. It can update QLogic adapter firmware from within vCenter.

By offering an end-to-end visual representation of network and storage connectivity starting from the physical adapter to the VM, the plug-in allows administrators to view all the required data center components and have instant visibility to how data stores relate to virtual machines (VMs). With the availability of critical data in one place, it simplifies and reduces troubleshooting time in our virtual environment. The visibility to data enables IT managers to verify the health and configuration of systems before implementation of any changes.

"Administrators are typically using multiple screens within VMware vCenter to gather information about their network and storage devices. This usually means they are manually building a combined view or map to tie together all the pieces of information. Now IT managers can easily control resources in dynamic virtualization environments and meet the organization's SLAs," says Shaun Walsh, vice president of corporate marketing, QLogic.