QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel and 10GB Ethernet Supports NetApp Storage Solutions
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QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel and 10GB Ethernet Supports NetApp Storage Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 11, 2014

ALISO VIEJO, CA: QLogic, a provider of data center networking and storage networking infrastructure solutions has  announced its award-winning QLogic FlexSuiteTM technology that supports NetApp's next-generation, storage arrays, providing exclusive multiprotocol connectivity for Gen 5 Fibre Channel and 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) for both block and file-based storage access.

QLogic FlexSuite technology enables NetApp customers to select their storage protocol of choice through a simple field upgrade, and allows for future transitions to alternative I/O options. NetApp's new FAS8000 unified scale-out storage systems and second-generation Universal Target Adapters (UTA2) now support Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), iSCSI Network File System (NFS), and Common Internet File System (CIFS) on a single wire.

The QLogic technology deployed in the UTA2 provides NetApp customers with the versatility to handle any protocol while delivering significant performance advantages compared to previous-generation UTAs. The UTA2 provides expansion and upgrade paths for multiprotocol support across NetApp's new storage platforms.

For NetApp customers deploying MetroCluster software with FAS8000 arrays to provide long-distance Fibre Channel connectivity for replication and disaster recovery, the QLogic-designed UTA2 delivers improved performance and shorter replication and recovery windows. This results in improved overall application performance, and enables continuous availability and transparent recovery from failures, without data loss.

The new FAS8000 unified scale-out storage systems are powerful and feature-rich with superior I/O flexibility to simplify and eliminate complex upgrades as IT needs change. The FAS8000 is the first enterprise storage system to unify SAN, NAS and storage virtualization into a single hybrid array. It is also NetApp's first FAS platform designed specifically for scale-out storage environments built on clustered Data ONTAP.

"NetApp and QLogic have a long history of collaborating to drive greater efficiency in the data center through innovative storage and data management solutions. This announcement represents not only the continued acceleration of Gen 5 Fibr Channel technology in the market, but also marks a major expansion in our role as a core Ethernet technology provider to NetApp," says Vikram Karvat, vice president of marketing, QLogic. "

"QLogic FlexSuite technology provides NetApp with additional support for our new FAS8000 to continue delivering improved performance and increased availability for business-critical applications. With our new storage systems, we will provide our customers with the flexibility and efficiency to easily respond to changing IT environments," says Mark Welke, senior director, product marketing, NetApp.