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Qmatic's Myfunwait Addresses Need for Integrated Mobile Queue Management and Gamification App

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2016
Michael Hallen, President and CEO of Qmatic

Michael Hallen, President and CEO of Qmatic

ATLANTA, GA: Use of mobile phones has increased significantly over time, as most people find it a good way to kill time when bored. A significant announcement has been made by Qmatic, a customer journey technology solutions provider, regarding the release of an integrated queue management app, called Myfunwait. The app, developed in collaboration with Sticky Beat, a digital experience agency, is the first of its kind to integrate gamification with real-time queue management. The app additionally showcases the company’s prowess in converting passive wait time into brand engagement opportunities which improves customer experience.

“The fact is, waiting is part of many customer journeys, despite companies’ best efforts to eliminate it,” says Jeff Green, CEO of Qmatic U.S. “An occupied wait shortens the customer’s perceived wait time and results in a better customer experience.” It’s the best platform to engage, entertain, and educate customers, while they wait.

Customers are furnished with real-time personalized updates about status of their wait within the app as they can test their knowledge or gaming skills. This is made possible by the integration of the app into Qmatic’s powerful customer journey management platform, Orchestra, through a new API gateway. The app allows users to move away from an immediate waiting area to a more private or comfortable environment for their wait while still being able to monitor their place in line.

“Enterprises now concentrate more on their online presence, leaving many customers unsatisfied as their real services are unable to match client expectation,” remarks Michael Hallén, President and CEO, QMATIC. 

Majority of mobile phone users today also turn out to be mobile gamers. Myfunwait can be easily customized to consider an organization’s desire to positively and productively engage customers during their wait and achieve specific business objectives.

“The Myfunwait app reflects our strategic investment in future-focused cloud customer journey management solutions, and in particular, mobile applications that advance the customer experience,” shares Sven-Olof Husmark, Vice President and CMO, Qmatic Group.