Qubell Announces First Autonomic Application Management Platform for Cloud Apps

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 13, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Qubell announces the first autonomic application management platform for cloud applications that are adaptive and self managed services with the potential to configure, heal, optimize and protect themselves in response to changes within dynamic cloud environments.

Managing applications as an autonomic system with Qubell dramatically enhances application release cycles, improves quality, eliminates manual operations and reduces outages and operating costs. The platform is designed for a broad range of web, commerce and Big Data applications with an emphasis on retail, financial services and high-tech industries.

According to Gartner , “In the world of DevOps, automation is key to unlock a new way of IT service delivery, including concepts such as tool chains and application release automation (ARA). Automation breaks the existing constraints and thus enables new ways of working across the entire IT service life cycle.”

In contrast to DevOps solutions, that depends on human operator to instigate changes and limit automation to fixed blueprints and rigid workflows adjusted by hand with any change in the application or the environment, Qubell enables applications to figure out when and how to perform the routine changes, respond to events and gets adapted to new circumstances.

“Technology is becoming both too complex to be managed by people and smart enough to manage itself. At Qubell we are applying the principles of autonomic systems to reliably operate business services that have many internal and external dependencies, and any of them may change at any time,” says Victoria Livschitz, CEO of Qubell.