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Recreating the Healthcare Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 4, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The realm of healthcare has witnessed many changes and developments over the years, and technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain have shaped the maximum transformation in the industry. Healthcare and technology together can bring an increase in value-based care in patient outcomes and lower the cost of delivering it, ultimately resulting in the adoption of healthcare systems at home.

Healthcare at home: The comfort of a patient during critical health conditions or post-surgery recovery at home can be ensured by introducing home ICUs which lower the hospital stay by about 60 percent while offering, making it cost-effective. The mHealth applications that run via mobile phones are major home healthcare systems which educate the patients about preventive healthcare services, and treatment support.

 AI applications: The use of AI healthcare applications at the hospitals and clinics help in portraying diagnostics, drug recovery, and analyze risk through applications that involve machine interaction in place of a human.

Telehealth Platform: Digital healthcare systems are lowering the rate of dependency on hospitals and healthcare systems through applications giving rise to out-of-the-hospital trend. The burden of expenditure done during chronic health conditions and diseases related to old-age has driven the vast population to switch to better investments and digital healthcare systems. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is homecare telehealth that sends the patient-generated health data (PGHD) to healthcare professionals by collecting the data.

Health insurance: The slow growth in the health insurance sector due to old policies encouraged the insurance companies to come up with solutions and facilities of digital healthcare services for the policyholders to personalize their experience and minimize the cost of possible claims. Few health insurance plans are to be linked to the lifestyle and health data-driven interactive policies so that the company enables personalized discounts and rewards to the patients as per individual data.

Blockchain: The novels that cover home healthcare solutions prepared with collaboration with doctors, patients, and healthcare companies can serve as great marketing ideas too.  There have been speculations that around 10 percent of the healthcare venture blockchain applications will be promoted from small-scale to partial commercial accessibility.

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