Redpine's Maiden IoT Platform WyzBee Hits the Market

By CIOReview | Saturday, February 27, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Redpine systems, a networking company specializing in wireless system and smart energy solutions has released its latest product – an IoT platform named WyzBee. The software is a first of its kind technology that includes hardware boards, application development environment, cloud software and services framework integrated inside it.

The platform provides integrated sensing, computing, communication, power management, cloud and application support which helps reduce the process time significantly. It also includes a product synthesis solution for the final delivered product.

The WyzBee platform can be majorly classified into four components, namely - Product Synthesis, Cloud Framework, Application Development Environment and Hardware for Developing IoT Applications. 

WyzBee, which act as a single source that fulfills  hardware as well as software requirements, supports multiple wireless protocols. In addition, it provides device security and an enhanced debugger for hardware and software implementation, and cloud transaction respectively. It also provides a seamless and secure connection to the cloud whilst optimizing the system’s power.

The WyzBee platform is powered by WyzBee IoT Cloud and it offers flexible and customizable connectivity, analytics, and user interfaces. The RS9113 chipset integrates PUF-based hardware security block that provides individual device entities ensuring individual validation of each IoT devices.

“With the new WyzBee platform, we are removing multiple layers of complexity and cost in product development while giving product and application developers everything they need in a compact solution to jumpstart their IoT device or application,” says Venkat Mattela, CEO, Redpine Signals. “Redpine Signals doesn’t just want to enable the Internet of Things, we want to unify the IoT maker process from product development to the customized cloud and application software.”