RedPoint Receives Highest Score in Gartner's Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Tools Report

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WELLESLEY HILLS, MA: Proving its worth in data management and omni-channel marketing solutions, the digital marketing company, RedPoint Global has been honored with highest scores in different sections by Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Tools Report for the second time consecutively.

RedPoint Global simplifies the complexity of harnessing data to drive business growth through its solutions and products, such as RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform, RedPoint Interaction, RedPoint Interaction Real-Time, RedPoint Management, and RedPoint Data Management for Hadoop.

Not only the company has got the highest score in both the Data Integration and Operational/Transactional Data Quality Use Case categories, but it has also received the highest scores in Data Migration, Big Data & Analytics, and Master Data Management; and the third highest score in Information Governance Initiatives.

RedPoint was evaluated along with eighteen other companies. The evaluation was based on the kind- and quality of software tools or cloud-based services vendors are offering that are positioned, marketed, and sold specifically for general-purpose data quality applications. The evaluation board also checked that the services support large-scaled deployment via server-based runtime architectures that can support concurrent users and applications.

“We’re reaching a tipping point in which nearly every decision will be driven by data. That means everyone will need to pay particular attention to the quality of their data. Without data quality, you can’t make truly informed business decisions. We feel it’s significant to have Gartner’s recognition. We believe it shows that the wok and care we put into our products is recognized by our customers and analysts who understand and appreciate software excellence,” says Dale Renner, Founder, and CEO of RedPoint Global.