Replicated, a Start up Gives SaaS companies a Leg up to Work behind Firewall

By CIOReview | Monday, June 29, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Replicated, a budding SaaS company provides a platform to deploy containerized cloud applications behind a firewall. It extends enterprise-grade, installable version that can be developed by the cloud-based SaaS companies to work behind the corporate firewall which allows SaaS vendors to ship on-premises version of their applications more conveniently.

The platform enables developers to ship two identical versions of product by coding it once with the aid of Docker containerization technology, an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run applications. As per Ron Miller’s write up on TechCrunch, one among the identical versions gets installed in the cloud and one for customers who prefer to maintain the application in a private cloud or their own data centers. The Beta of the flagship product has been released by Replicated, announcing several of its beta customers including Travis-CI, Code Climate and NPM.

“Most SaaS companies don’t have the resources to build a separate on-premises version and then maintain a code base for two versions. If applications become more portable, a company like LivePerson could ship a Docker image to host behind the firewall,” explains Grant Miller, Founder of Replicated while speaking on the occasion.

Containers enable companies to create portable applications and without which they would be left with no choices other than creating an alternate product for customers looking for an on-premises version. Mostly, this approach is time-consuming, costly and not always successful.  The container approach of Replicated, resolves problems of coding and portability for companies along with other improvements.

Once the Replicated tool is installed, it integrates with company credential systems such as Active Directory or LDAP. Its major features include issuing information about the instance in a dashboard, informing the user when an update is available, offering auditing tools, backup services and also eliminates troubles caused due to maintaining of two code bases.

Building one’s own installer (several times), securing the installation environment, coding an automated licensing management system, integrating single sign-on services (LDAP, Active Directory, CAS, etc, etc), building out a searchable audit system, supporting customer-reviewable support bundles (logs and other diagnostic output), allowing numerous backup strategies, and countless other Enterprise-specific features that kills Enterprise deals are claimed to be handled at ease by the solution offered by Replicated letting customers to create an enterprise instance quite fast.

With the recent announcement on container players creating an open container standard, Replicated will be taking a major step ahead to create only one product for the standard. This will enable it to work across all participating vendor products rather than developing tools tuned to Docker, CoreOS and others.