Rev-Trac 7 Connecting SAP Technologies Across the Globe

By CIOReview | Friday, December 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Revelation Software Concepts (RSC), the creator of the Rev Trac change control technology for SAP Solutions; officially announces the company’s highly anticipated new updated version Phase 1 roll-out of Rev-Trac 7.

RSC focuses on controlling change management for SAP Solutions and also on developing Cutting edge technology to lower costs and risks of delivering changes into the information system. Rev-Trac’s highly configurable change control technology provides a single , ready –made change control solution with enforced testing analysis for code and changes in the configuration which increases the  visibility of testing requirements, testing scripts ,outcomes and also minimizing customization errors.

The phase 1 roll out of Rev-Trac 7 addresses the markets growing needs by inhibiting important features allowing SAP IT support and project teams to meet today’s business demands. The new web UI allows huge benefits to customers by providing browser access and mobile approval components.

“SAP business users are calling for changes to the way software enhancements are being delivered. The historical methods of the big ‘go live’ once or twice per year with an extensive and lengthy hyper care period following, is no longer palatable”, says David Drake, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of RSC.

The key features of REV-Trac 7 phase 1 roll-out is its mobile accessibility where Rev-Tec which allows easy monitoring of system changes. The procedure of attaching new changes has been reduced considerably to a few clicks which help to release management. Rev-trac Release, a concept of Rev –Trac 7 automatically deploys the related changes under which different types of requests are considered in a specific way, reducing the manual work. Release Workbench another concept of Rev-Trac 7 offers drag and drop functionality which displays the requests on left side and all applicable changes to the right.