RingCentral's Cloud-Based Communication System Enhances KJWW-TTG's Workflow Efficiency
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RingCentral's Cloud-Based Communication System Enhances KJWW-TTG's Workflow Efficiency

By CIOReview | Friday, April 15, 2016

BELMONT, CA: KJWW-TTG, an engineering consulting firm chooses RingCentral’s Office solution to integrate with its global and mobile workforce. RingCentral is a provider of cloud business communication and collaboration solutions. RingCentral’s flagship - Office solution provides fully featured messaging capabilities along with cloud PBX that can organize business processes and boosts effective project collaboration.

Brian Bolander, Information Technology Director, KJWW-TTG says, “We had multiple on-premise legacy systems that were expensive, difficult to manage, and ineffective for our widely distributed customer and employee base.”

The merger between the two companies sought-out the early issue associated with having different on-premise communication system in each location of KJWW-TTG; which posed efficiency challenges to IT staff managing all locations. KJWW-TTG implemented a single cloud communications solution which reduced the IT burden. Further, KJWW-TTG has also deployed RingCentral’s Glip, an added capability of ‘Office’ that facilitates team messaging and collaboration. RingCentral Office implementation empowers KJWW-TTG with effective team bonding, file sharing, task assignment, one-click meetings, and project management allowing employees and customers to carve out better business relationships.

“Our business requires our employees to be highly collaborative with our customers and amongst themselves. Additionally, since RingCentral integrates with tools we already use, including Microsoft Office365 and Salesforce, it helps our employees be more productive,” Bolander adds.

In addition, KJWW-TTG plans to utilize RingCentral Global Office to bring together globally distributed workforce, so that it allows multinational businesses to include multiple geographies to their single RingCentral Office account. This capability provides a structured workflow with respect to business interactions among customers and business colleagues globally; increases scalability of enterprise with simple and hassle-free association in building multiple local systems.