Riverbed's Steelconnect to Revolutionize Company Networks with a Unified Connectivity from LAN to the Cloud

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2016
Judy Mirkin, Director-Microsoft Alliance, Riverbed Technology

Judy Mirkin, Director-Microsoft Alliance, Riverbed Technology

FREMONT, CA: Since the birth of computing, it has been observed that technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Prior to branch-office computing, the industry started off with mainframes that eventually paved the way for client/server systems. It has also been observed that organizations are adapting to Wi-Fi networks in an attempt to enable mobile devices to connect to cloud services while enfolding software-defined WANs (SD-WAN) to provide the network with necessary levels of quickness required to meet the demands of a cloud-first world. Amidst such a scenario, Riverbed has recently launched a solution called SteelConnect that amalgamates network connectivity and composition of application across end-to-end networks that include LAN’s, hybrid WAN’s and cloud networks.

SteelDesign from Riverbed is designed to offer the needs of the cloud. It offers unified connectivity and management while expanding the management domain into the remote LAN and cloud as well as the WAN. It is also capable of a business driven orchestration where a command line interface (CLI) manages legacy networks with the help of a single application operating one at a time. Business priorities are aligned with policies that are defined by applications, users, locations and performance requirements. Administrators are also able to design the network before the deployment of any hardware.

Zero-touch provisioning for deployment of infrastructure enables the pushing of configurations into the devices without the need for an engineer to be on the site. Most importantly, SteelConnect helps setting up of policies and configuration updates with just a few mouse clicks as opposed to hundreds of lines of CLI code. It also offers End-to-end visibility where in through SteelConnect administrators are able to monitor traffic flows, inspect congested areas as well as have visibility into the users and devices connected to the network.

Riverbed is a solution provider in the area of WAN optimization while SD-WAN is a relatively new market. Lately it has been observed that some major changes have been taking place in the field of Wan while the cloud is reformulating networks. Post launch of the SteelConnect from Riverbed, organizations will be facilitated with the ability to manage a network as a single entity from a LAN to the cloud.