Robbins Gioia Unveils CCPM+: Prioritizes Enhancement of Microsoft Project's Management Capabilities

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 15, 2016

ALEXANDRIA, VA: Microsoft’s idiosyncratic project management software program, Microsoft Project is predicted to get further enhancements through the integration of Robbins Gioia’s (RG) beta version of CCPM+.

The release of the new Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) software by RG is a testament to its continued investment in the suite of Jaguar project management tools. The CCPM+ offers Critical Chain View for project managers.

The Microsoft Project, which becomes more technically sound with every release, lags behind in the industry when taking CCPM into consideration since it does not track any processes. This issue is solved by the CCPM+.

The CCPM+ provides a well planned structure for managing the project including proper planning, tracking, scheduling, execution and performance measurement.  It enables Microsoft Project controls over resource leveling while providing a flexible resource support with multiple types of resources assigned to one single task. Each and every one of these resource types are multitudes in number. It permits project teams to know exactly where to focus on work to keep projects on schedule, and to plan for schedule improvement when needed.

Other Unique features of the CCPM+ include least cost multi-project capability, milestone buffer, extensive help, critical chain and project buffer filter and duration update to name a few.

“CCPM+ simply performs all the essential Critical Chain Project Management software support you need to plan and execute CCPM projects,” says Paul Stock, Global Product Manager, Jaguar Suite of Project Management Tools, Robbins Gioia. “For project teams needing to get projects done in less time, all the time, CCPM+ provides the tools and method to create unprecedented project success.”