Rockwell Automation's New Quality Management Application Ensures Highest Production Quality

By CIOReview | Monday, December 28, 2015

FREMONT, CA: In the manufacturing industry, quality is an important component of all the functions which is viewed as an inspection-based activity and industries are thriving to implement various theories and methodologies to improve and maintain the quality standards. With the growing technology adoption, industries are looking into control charts, sampling techniques and economic analysis tools as the major sources for laying the foundation of modern quality assurance process. Paving the way for better quality management, Rockwell Automation announces a new quality management application that allows manufacturers to efficiently model and enforce their plant’s in-process quality regimens.

The Quality Management fit-for-purpose application is developed with a built-in notification engine that quickly alerts personnel when a quality check needs to be done. In case if the check fails, a configurable escalation work flow is carried out driving operations into additional quality sampling and necessary action plans. It offers plant and operations managers insights into the completed, suspected and wasted batches.

By Integrating with automation and quality management systems, the application collects and exchanges data quickly that helps in identifying the nonconformance issues related to the product before delivering the product out of the plant. It is scalable to integrate other fit-for-purpose applications within the FactoryTalk Production Center MES (manufacturing execution system) from Rockwell Automation.

The MES application can run as a thin-client application on desktops and other devices thus helping in reducing the complexity of the quality systems. With this solution, customers can remove disparate systems and antiquated paper-based processes and achieve consistent production quality with reduced costs of quality compliance.

“Our customers are working to connect plant-floor data with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and business analytics to increase productivity and better manage global operations,” said Todd Montpas, Product Manager, MES Software, Rockwell Automation. “This solution fills a gap for those producers who might not have large MES infrastructures, but want to move away from disparate or antiquated paper-based quality systems. And it’s designed to grow with them when they expand into other MES solutions and become a more Connected Enterprise.”