Runscope to Monitor SendGrid's API Services

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 10, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Runscope, a cloud-based API monitoring and testing service provider has recently announced that email delivery platform service provider SendGrid has selected them to monitor and test hundreds of services powering a new version of its API.

SendGrid sends more than 19 billion customer engagement emails each month, largely relying on hundreds of unique API endpoints. From the beginning as it gained popularity with hundreds of customers relying on the API, managing change by testing new deployments and monitoring endpoints already in place was critical for maintaining customer satisfaction.

Brandon West, API Product Manager at SendGrid says, "Building tests manually wasn't scalable and was wasting time that could be spent on working with developers and building out our docs. Mitigating the risk of having a broken API is extremely valuable to our business, and Runscope solves our pains around building and deploying dependable API endpoints and services."

Now SendGrid’s operations, QA, and Developer teams depends on Runscope monitoring solution in each stage of the development process to create and run tests of new API, as well as monitor its existing API. Testing and deployment time has been significantly reduced to a few weeks when creating new end points. Runscope enables SendGrid to identify and fix an issue before it can affect its customers.

With Runscope SendGrid is currently able to monitor more than 180 methods and requests from multiple locations around the planet. SendGrid is now confident that it is able to manage change and seamlessly deploy new endpoints without degrading or disrupting the services that it is offering to its customers.