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SailPoint's Survey Affirms Acceleration in Cloud Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, December 14, 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV: SailPoint - Identity and Access Management (IAM) vendor, rolled out poll during Gartner IAM Summit on the adoption of cloud applications. The survey confirmed the constant growth of Cloud technology, though it is a recent trend in IT. According to the SailPoint survey, organizations are increasingly open to deploy critical IT operational tools via the cloud. The survey reported that 91 percent have mission-critical applications currently residing in the cloud, with 99 percent having plans to increase cloud app usage in the next few years. 

IAM solutions deployed on-premises or as-a-service assists enterprises to ensure on having the right controls in place to protect assets and manage corporate risk. Most of the organizations are rapidly adopting cloud applications as a part of business strategy, but fail to focus on ‘who has access to what’ in order to prevent damage.

IdentityNow is offered by SailPoint, IdentityNow is a full-featured cloud-based Identity and Access Management solution aka IAM as a Service (IDaaS) that delivers single sign-on, password management, provisioning, and access certification services for cloud, mobile, and on-premises applications. The company recently enhanced IdentityNow to providing better visibility into the hybrid environment while deploying IAM from the cloud.

With the introduction of SailPoint’s “Identity Cubes” technology, each user has a holistic view provided by Identity now and the access permissions is provided to each application across all environments. Each cube contains information about a user’s account, entitlements, activity and associated business context to help organizations better prevent and react to inner threats. IdentityNow customers are better armed against security breaches with the aid of its 360 degree view.

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