Salesforce Customers can Now Increase Productivity with Nintex's Drawloop Document Generation application

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 18, 2016

FREMONT, CA: With the recent release of Nintex’s Drawloop Document Generation application on the Salesforce AppExchange, the Salesforce customers will now be able to enhance their productivity by easily creating documents using their existing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF templates. The Nintex’s Drawloop Document Generation application can help in generating the formatted documents in quick successions, without having to leave the Salesforce platform. The application optimized for the Salesforce1 Mobile App, also includes the novel and user friendly component for customers using the Salesforce lightning experience.

The Nintex Drawloop Document Generation application offer customers with accelerated sales and optimized service processes by automating the creation of sales quotes, contracts, account summaries, order forms, proposals, invoices, and service documents. “We’re all about simplifying the document creation process for sales, service, and marketing professionals by transforming document creation into a digital data-driven process all within Salesforce,” says Nintex Drawloop Vice President and General Manager Jim Roberson. The application is also deft in providing its customers with the automated data-driven processes that can update record stages, additional documents, trigger approval routing and write data back to Salesforce, schedule tasks, or even create a new record automatically. “With our app, documents of all types can be automatically created with a button-click—making the overall experience simply better for Nintex customers-helping them improve how they work,” Roberson adds.

Nintex is the world’s leading workflow company, which holds expertise in automating the processes on and between the enterprise content management systems and collaboration platforms, connecting on-premises, cloud workflows and mobile users. Jim Lundy, CEO, Aragon, says, “Companies like Nintex realize the power of putting their workflow automation technology on Lightning so sellers can easily generate intelligent documents that expedite the deal closing process.”