Salesforce's Shield Platform Enables Developers Build New Generation Secured Apps

By CIOReview | Monday, July 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Salesforce launched Salesforce Shield, a new set of Salesforce1 Platform services to help developers create secured apps. With Salesforce Shield, IT departments and developers are empowered with drag-and-drop tools to quickly create trusted cloud apps with auditing, encryption, archiving, and monitoring built in, all delivered on the proven Salesforce1 Platform.

The four components of Salesforce Shield include:

Platform Encryption:

Earlier, building of hardware and software to implement encryption was time consuming. But with Shield, companies can easily encrypt sensitive data even while preserving important business functionality like search and workflow. With this advancement, it will become convenient for customer service agents to search, view, modify, or run workflows and other key functions using that data without compromising on security. Shield makes it possible to encrypt data without a specialist hardware or software.

Data Archive:

Using Data Archive, customers can store long-lived business data in the Salesforce1 Platform, while still benefiting from maximum app performance and data availability. With nearline storage option on the Salesforce1 platform, companies can store their historical data at a reduced cost which can be readily available when needed, without the need of storing it somewhere else.

Field Audit Trail:

With Field Audit Trail, customers can track changes at the field level for up to ten years and set different policies for each Salesforce object to ensure data is purged when no longer needed.

Event Monitoring:

Event Monitoring gives businesses unprecedented visibility into how their applications are being used and by whom. To better understand the utility of their Salesforce apps, companies can monitor amount of data downloaded by users which might put their business at risk.

Salesforce Shield empowers independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators (SIs) alike to create an entirely new generation of apps that address corporate governance and industry requirements, and market and sell them on the Salesforce AppExchange. Customers can purchase components of Salesforce Shield together or individually.

“While many companies are leveraging the cloud to build apps at the speed of business, those in regulated industries have struggled to take full advantage of the cloud due to regulatory and compliance constraints. With Salesforce Shield, we are liberating these IT leaders and developers, and empowering them to quickly build the cloud apps their businesses need, with the trust Salesforce is known for,” said Tod Nielsen, executive vice president of Salesforce1 Platform, Salesforce.