Salesforce silver consulting partner pairs up with Mxhero to deploy Mail2cloud

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2016

With a track record of achievements on Salesforce and Box Premier, Kairos Technologies is all set to redefine their email management system with MxHero’s Mail2cloud. The company pledges to perk up the workflow processes to support and accommodate its ever growing clientele, and converging email with cloud storage comes forth as an innovative step in this direction. Expanding the possibilities of cloud technology the Mail2cloud platform offered by Mxhero brings together cloud storage and email, thus creating an exceptional emailing experience with pros ranging from greater security, increased productivity to reduced IT costs.

The manual and automatic archiving of mails from one or more accounts in the organization to cloud storage helps collaborate over important email messages in a more resourceful way. It also leverages the cloud storage investments of the company with a real time recording and intelligent storage of the mail traffic. “We find tremendous potential in Mail2cloud as it provides for ground-breaking options in retention and distribution of mail and content. It empowers our clients in health sector and financial services by providing a clean access to those email communications that would have otherwise been stashed in the private storage locations of the end user.” says Eric Cordell, Chief Customer Officer, Kairos technologies. He further states that Kairos is exploring deeper into the beneficial aspects of email-cloud combination and will work closely with MxHero team to further elevate and launch the products in market.

“Kairos is a firm dedicated to provide comprehensive solutions that extend beyond a strategic level and it would be exciting to partner with them” says Alex Panagides, CEO of Mx Hero Inc. The compatibility of MxHero platform with any email service including Gmail and Microsoft exchange enhances the ways to control and analyze mails and these features will enable Kairos technologies to provide a wide range of solutions to its clients.